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Corporate Gifting & Partnership

Gratitude and Rewards

The ideal gift can go a long way in supportive and rewarding the people that make your business excel. According to a recent Harvard study flowers in the workplace increase well-being, commitment, and efficiency. Flowers also have a constructive impact on behaviour and mood according to Rutgers University. Inspire loyalty, recognize success, and upsurge output by implementing a unique gifting program all at a great value.

Birthday & Anniversary

Every year, there are a few notable dates in every employee’s life that demand your consideration. Send a gift that is both private and appealing without the hassle.

Thank You

Whoever thought that these two little words used in subtle conjunction could be so rewarding and stirring. Thanking your employees, clients, vendors and service providers is a guarantee you’ll be at the top of their minds. Let them know that they are truly appreciated with the perfect gift.

Events & Conferences

Want your next big event to stand out in the mind of all the attendees? Don’t leave the room unadorned and colourless; bring it to life with fresh flowers and centrepieces.

Business Apologies

Whether it was your fault or not, let us help you express your opinions in a way that is clear and succinct. A delicate and beautiful gift hand-delivered with a note of apology can turn a business slipup into an opportunity to reinforce important relationships.

Grand Openings or Expansion

Growth is something to be renowned as it is the direct result of the time and effort you promise to your organization every day. As your operation continues to inflate, can help make it a memorable and celebratory experience.

Sympathy at Work

In times of mourning, there are few things that anyone can do to make the pain less heart-wrenching. That being said, condolence gifts are some of the toughest offerings to purchase, especially on the corporate level. While business acquaintances absolutely want to make an involvement to those in grief, they don’t want their gifts to aggravate an already unbearable situation. We at realize how difficult these circumstances can be and therefore offer an extensive selection of suitable gifts.